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Team Yankee WW3 - 5th July 2021

In northern Germany, after seizing control of Flugplatz Oppershausen, a motorised company of the Soviet 3rd Shock Army began to move into the suburbs of Opperhausen during the night. Little did they know that two companies from the German 1st Panzer Division were moving out of Opperhausen to retake the airfield also under cover of darkness.

The engagement occurred as dawn was beginning to break.

Farmhouse and fields just east of Opperhausen.

West German and Soviet units deploy. West German reconnaissance units moved into the cornfields on their left flank, and with a lack of tree line gave their OP clear view of the Soviet rear areas. Another unit of recon also took up position behind a small rise on their right flank. Meanwhile, the Russians were able to extend their lines on their own left flank.

A unit of T-64s accompanied by a Recon unit advanced to the tree line.

A transport unit from the Soviet infantry company were instructed to provide support to the reconnaissance unit on the left flank.

The West Germans moved an AA unit up alongside a transport unit from the mechanised platoon, to a small farmhouse at the T junction.

Half the T-64 platoon managed to cross the tree line, but the remaining tanks struggled and were left behind. As dawn broke, German reserves arrived behind the Soviet tanks whilst the two opposing reconnaissance units exchanged fire.

With the T-64 platoon knocked out the West German Tank commander and reserves made their way towards a small hill where the burning wreck of the Soviet OP lit up the dawn skyline. At this point all seemed lost for the Russians, but the commander managed to call in aircraft from the 3rd Guards Assault Aviation Division who had been loitering to the east. After surviving a heavy amount of AA a single missile knocked out one of the Leopard 2s. The accompanying Leopard decided to break off and retreat.

A unit of Soviet T-72 tanks arrived and moved towards the hill to protect the objective. But after massed volleys of ATGM fire, and accurate artillery fire, a number of Russian tanks lay burning.

More West German armoured reserves arrived. Suddenly, two Russian Helicopters popped up and another tank was knocked out. Both helicopters were destroyed in the ensuing round of ground-to-air fire. Meanwhile, more ATGM fire from the West Germans knocked out all but one of the T-72 tanks. This remained on station as the crew of a bailed out Leopard were instructed to 'get back in' and take the objective. They duly remounted and headed towards the hill.

As the Leopard crested the hill, it fired two accurate rounds into the last remaining T-72 knocking it out. At heavy cost, the objective was now in the hands of the West Germans and the Soviet infantry began a phased withdrawal to the airfield.

West German Win.

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