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Team Yankee WW3 - 16th June 2021

Striking out from Czechoslovakia the Warsaw Pact Combined Arms army pushes over the border heading towards N¨urnburg. A small force of US 7th Corps is sent to block their path.

In a hamlet just north east of Waldsassen, a large force of WarPac tanks have been seen crossing the border. US Forces deploy south of the village, in the cornfields and behind the tree lines. A platoon of infantry are instructed to "hold the road at all costs", whilst a unit of Abrams take up a position holding the west road. They wait.

Soviet artillery and rockets launch a preliminary bombardment and begin to pound the US position holding the road on the left flank. In the west Soviet forces begin to advance, a unit of T72s moving into the cornfields and launching a salvo at the US Tankers. No effect. Meanwhile on the left flank, T64s can be heard behind the local Aral Gas Station. What few civilians who are left quickly head for shelter.

Suddenly Soviet reserves arrive, taking the US Tankers by surprise, but their poor training means only a single US tank is knocked out. However, they advance, putting pressure on the right flank.

More Soviet reserves arrive in the form of another T72 platoon and a Scout Platoon. But with combined fire from the M1 tanks and a small unit of ITVs the advance stalls by the farmhouse. Another M1 is knocked out.

Meanwhile on the left flank, the instruction to advance finally comes, and the T64s move through the village to threaten the infantry dug in on the objective. Wary of the 3 ITVs in the area the advance is slow.

On the right flank, accurate US artillery destroys a number of Soviet tanks, and a reserve platoon finally arrives to add support. The last T72 is put out of action, with the Company Commander surrendering to a US Platoon Leader.

The Soviet scout platoon take up a position in front of the objective. Being told to hold to the last BMP.

Two Mi24s appear and although one is destroyed by accurate SAM fire, the other takes out an artillery piece. Seeing the advantage the T64 platoon assaults the infantry driving them off the objective. The US company commander, held in reserve until now, appears on the field, but is destroyed by a missile from the last helicopter, before it to is also hit by a TOW missile and crashes into the petrol station. The final US infantry section breaks, and the T64s eliminate the two remaining ITVs.

The Soviet observer moves onto the overpass ready to bring fire down on the retreating US forces.

Chatter fills the airwaves and the US tank platoon on the right flank carries out a fighting withdrawal towards Waldsassen.

Soviet Win.