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Yet Another Back Story I hear you Cry !


Gloucester Minicon 2011

In the mid 1970's there was a small model/hobby shop in the town where I lived.  This shop used to sell mostly Hornby trains, but nestling on the countertop was a cardboard box of 1:300 scale lead tanks. Using what was left of my pocket money I bought them all, and took them home.

Couple that with a copy of Grants Practical Wargaming and I was hooked.

Back in those days Games Workshop sold all different products from a variety of suppliers, and you could even buy miniatures from Virgin Megastore in Birmingham. How things have changed.

I quickly moved on to Airfix Plastic figures and started buying into Avalon Hill boxed games, joining a local club in Stourbridge to cause havoc on a Friday night. Alternating games between Roleplaying to Squad Leader, 1:300 scale Ultra Moderns or 20mm WW2.

It was around this time I started developing, enhancing and amending my own rules. Nothing ever saw the official light of day but there were some great times had with the in-house rulesets developed over the summer holidays.

Suddenly home computers arrived, and gaming moved from figures into the virtual arena, and a lack of space meant a hiatus from the hobby. However, I still kept my hand in with small bits of painting and constructing where possible.

Fast forward to 2011 and after getting involved co-founding our local wargaming club it was back into the hobby. 

I've been gaming, constructing and painting ever since.

It's been great to watch the changes in the hobby over the years, but at its core are a dedicated bunch of people who love to create and throw dice.

So let's keep gaming !


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