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The 'Ch' Word

Christmas is coming, it happens every year at the same time.

So what are my WW3/TY suggestions this year.

For New Players and Gifts

Starter sets are the way to go here.

If you'd like to give someone a taste of WW3 and Team Yankee then the Complete Starter kit makes an ideal gift. This kit has everything you need to start gaming, except a tape measure.

For Existing Players with maybe a single Army

Here, it's a case of pick your faction. A lot of people started with USA and Soviet, so why not add explore a new army with one of the Starter Forces.

And the old favourites:

These kits are excellent when forming a core force. If you already have the core then why not add some extras like artillery, infantry or aircraft.

Then there are the dice tins. These are real collectors items and having the right dice, tokens and objective markers helps to hit the gaming sweet spot.

Need the big artillery template, those are available in the store for certain nationalities.

For Seasoned Players

So you've been playing TY for a while, and may have dipped your toe in to WW3, so why not try some of the more challenging armies.

On the Warpac side we have Polish or Czech forces and with Nato we have Canadian, Dutch or Australians. These forces are more challenging to play, but can be rewarding when they work.

So plenty to chose from and get your teeth into this Christmas.

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