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Who can resist the allure of a captivating zombie?

During the vibrant era of the 80s, we indulged in a particular game inspired by the renowned Romero film, 'Dawn of the Dead.' This thrilling and easily grasped game provided hours of fast-paced entertainment.

I lent this game, along with two others, to a school friend whose identity remains etched in my memory. However, as fate would have it, we bid farewell after completing our schooling, never to cross paths again.

As life progressed with studies, careers, and the responsibilities of starting families, the games slipped from my mind, lying dormant for nearly two decades.

Eventually, I rediscovered the other two games, but 'Dawn' always eluded my grasp. As an avid collector of vintage board games, it became an elusive treasure, its exorbitant price tag deterring me.

However, fate intervened once more when I stumbled upon a website that changed everything.

Behold, at this link

I was able to reclaim the game I longed for. Although not the original edition, it mattered little, for the joy of having it again was immeasurable.

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