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Flames of War - 27th October 2021 - Russia (Late War)

Late June 1944. Whilst a new front has been opened up in the west, Soviet forces have steamrollered their way towards the Baltic States, and Poland, driving the German forces back. A small force of Wehrmacht tanks has been ordered to launch a counterattack near the town of Viciebsk.

The German objectives are to the North and South of the village. Each protected by a dug-in unit of Soviet infantry. A platoon of Russian mortars sit mid-way between the objectives, and a Russian HMG platoon provides a blocking force by the railway embankment. The Russians have had time to lay a number of minefields.

The German tanks deploy on the right flank, with a platoon of infantry dug in on a nearby hill.

Facing the German infantry on the left flank is a platoon of Russians. Dug in on the dirt road.

On the German right, a platoon of Russian infantry along with their artillery protects the objective.

The Germans begin their advance to the objective on the right flank.

View from the Panthers.

On the left flank, the Germans have spotted unit of Russian Anti-Tank guns, they decide to play-it-safe and sit tight.

An ambush appears of Russian heavy anti-tank guns positioned around the objective on the right flank.

The first unit of Soviet reinforcements arrive. A platoon of tanks advance through the village.

Seeing that the main threat is coming from the west, the light anti-tank gun platoon is ordered to move towards the other objective.

An exchange of fire leaves a tank burning from each side.

Further accurate fire from the Panther platoon knocks out two more Soviet tanks.

Under direct orders from the Company Commander, the Panthers fan out on the plain.

View from a Panther turret, looking towards the Soviet objective on the right flank.

More Russian reserves arrive and begin advancing towards the Germans. Two more German tanks are eliminated with shots to the flanks.