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Flames of War - 6th June 2021 - Utah Beach

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

This year we managed to get in a recreation of the Utah Beach landings.

Somehow I'd drawn the USA, but knowing my dice rolling skills, this was going to be tough.

Landing Craft coming in following a preliminary bombardment. Not reflective of historical events as it did nothing this time.

First wave of troops coming ashore. The engineers were delayed in the surf, causing some problems with the barbed wire entrenchments.

Some German reserves coming in from the rear echelon. An airstrike helps motivate them to get moving.

Second wave of troops lands, along with the DD tanks. Unluckily one sinks.

The third wave has landed with the engineers moving through the left flank.

The other combat teams assault the remaining defenders, after finally knocking out a tough artillery piece on the right.

With concentrated fire from the US HMG teams, the tanks and the Priests, the Germans withdraw.

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