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Team Yankee WW3 - 22nd July 2021

Somewhere north of Skærbæk in Denmark, just outside the small Danish Hamlet of Brøns, elements of the 2nd Marine Tank Battalion encountered a Soviet defensive position from the 2nd Guards Tank army holding a bridge over a nearby river.

The Russians dig in around the small farmstead and in the woods to the East.

The Russians have had time to establish a defensive position here and have placed 4 minefields.

The marines arrive. A large force of tanks form their right flank, with a single platoon of tanks on the left.

View from the M60 tanks looking towards the nearest Soviet position.

The US infantry are ordered to advance to the minefields and remove them.

The US Marines begin to move forward.

The infantry struggle to remove the minefield on the road. This forces the M60 tanks to to take a path through the woods. However, with years of experience in difficult terrain, they prove no obstacle.

US Marines attempting to remove the minefields whilst looking towards the bridge over the river

Soviet transports are easy targets for the M60s and no match for their 105mm guns.

To the East the Soviets take more hits from another advancing platoon of M60s.

The Pattons take casualties from a pre-planned artillery bombardment.

On the Americans right flank a recon unit is engaged by cannon fire from the remaining BMP2s. However, under fire from the M60s, the Russians only knock out a single LAV.

The Americans continue their advance towards the farm buildings.

The M60 tanks begin an assault, but in the ensuing hail of RPG rounds, two tanks are knocked out.

Bringing up more tanks and shooting at point blank range, the next assault forces the Soviets back through the corn fields and behind the farm buildings.

The Pattons advance further into the corn fields.

A platoon of Soviet T72s arrive from the South and position themselves on a small rise.

The US M60 platoon in the East heads directly for the objective on the bridge.

Seeing this threat the Soviet commander orders T72s to make a dash for the bridge, and the BMPs to cross the river. The Infantry near the bridge take shelter in a barn.

The Soviet tanks move into a firing position on the bridge as the M60 platoon eliminates the remaining BMP2s from the transport platoon.

In a last ditch attempt to force the Marines back, the T72s cross the bridge and engage the US M60s at close range. Knocking one out.

TOW missiles and M60 rounds slam into the remaining T72s on the bridge eliminating them. Whilst a final assault on the barn forces the Soviet commander to surrender.

The Soviet troops in the East make their way back towards Skærbæk joining up with other units on the way.

USA Win.