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Team Yankee WW3 - 20th May 2021

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The political situation between East and West has deteriorated. A small armoured force of Soviets from the 3rd Shock Army has lead an incursion over the border into West Germany. A British Tank Company from the Queens Dragoon Guards has been ordered to hold them at a small village just over the border and withdraw as required.

After advancing through the village, the T64s are held by a unit of Chieftains and dug-in infantry.

The Russians attempt a flanking manoeuvre with the assistance of two MI24 Hind Helicopters.

The helicopters manage to knock out three Chieftains and the Soviets continue the advance on their right flank.

But the RAF finally arrive and halt the Soviets in their tracks.

After suffering significant casualties the Soviets break off the attack.

Team Yankee, 100 points each, British v Soviet, Fighting Withdrawal

British Win.

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