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Team Yankee WW3 - 14th July 2021

The remains of a Soviet Armoured company from the 31st Tank Division are attempting to escape back over the border into Czechoslovakia, after recent battles around Nürnburg. They are supported by a battle hardened company of veterans loitering over the border in helicopters.

In order to stop them, the US 7th Corps have sent a company of the 82nd Airborne to act as a blocking force.

The Americans have plenty of time to dig in and lay a minefield before the Russians appear out of the cornfields.

The action took place just east of Mühlbach, at a crossing of the Selb River.

Some fields, the Selb river and a large farmhouse with a courtyard.

The Russian Tank company, being harassed by a unit of Sheridens, moves into the open. In an attempt to bypass the dug in US Airborne troops on the other side of the road in the north, they begin moving down the right flank.

The US 82nd Airborne, deployed and dug in.

The US OP takes up position on the Overpass.

The T-64s being their advance.

A unit of Hail Rocket launchers takes up position in a cornfield near to a farmhouse.

A platoon of US infantry moves into the large farmhouse behind the Selb river.

Suddenly a group of Cobra gunships appear and begin shooting at the Soviet AAA and Artillery units.

Transport Hueys arrive and rake the rearguard of the Russian tank company, causing further casualties.

Two platoons of HMMVs launch multiple missiles at the newly appeared formation, causing extensive damage.

At this point the Russians have lost all their AAA and Artillery support. Only the tanks and a BMP-2 scout unit are left to make their escape.

Despite the casualties, the Russian tanks continue their advance and reach the Selb river.

The Soviets manage to knock out a couple of the HMMV scouts, whilst keeping a wary eye on the Cobra gunships in the distance.

The Sheridens arrive onto the field, directly to the rear of the Russians, but are initially too far away to fire their missiles.

A fierce battle erupts between the Soviet tanks, the scout unit and the US scout platoon, who withdraw after taking casualties.

The US commander calls in a flight of Marine Harriers who had been engaging forces to the south.

However, due to the close proximity of a US HMMV recon platoon the Harriers call off their attack and loiter nearby.

Another unit of Gunships pop up behind the Russian tanks, who quickly cross a ford over the Selb and make for the objective. Seeing the number of aircraft in the vicinity, the Russian Kapitan decides that calling in the Airborne assault company would result in their complete destruction, so orders them to stand down.

The Russians reach the courtyard and take out two of the M109s, the third tank decides to stay. At this point the Cobras are too close to make an attack

The Cobras withdraw to a position North of the farmhouse, whilst the remaining M109 engages the Russian tanks with direct fire and knocks one out. But the proximity of the tanks proves too much for the artillery commander, and they bail out leaving the tank behind.

The US scout platoon, attempts to cross the Selb river, but only the commander succeeds and the two remaining vehicles are stuck on the opposing river bank.

The Russians consolidate their position on the objective, pouring fire into the farmhouse where a unit of US infantry are hidden.