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Team Yankee WW3 - 13th October 2021

As Soviet attacks push through the NATO front line further into Western Germany, small pockets of resistance are left to be dealt with by rearguard Soviet units.

South of Fulda a mechanised company from the 5th US Corps is holed up parallel to the Fulda to Wurzburg railway. With supplies running low they have orders to delay the Russians for as long as possible before surrendering. The Russian 8th Guards Tank Army bypassed these units days ago, and elements of the 124th Guards Division have been ordered to mop up any stragglers.

A Reconnaissance aircraft has given the US commander a heads up that a large force of tanks are massing east of his position. Desperate communications go out calling on any remaining units in the area to join them ASAP.

Somewhere just south of Fulda, West Germany. The Fulda to Wurzburg railway line is on the US left flank, with Hill 75 in the middle of the Soviet line. A platoon of Storm deploy on the hill along with the Soviet Artillery Observer.

US Forces are spread thinly, with a mix of platoons from different units gathered together, including a Rifle Platoon of Marines who are dug in holding the centre cornfield.

With massed artillery support the Soviet infantry begin advancing through the woods on the US right flank.

A large force of Soviet T55AM tanks move slowly down the road towards the US positions on the Left flank. Taking the farmhouse.

Accurate fire from the Soviet tanks knocks out most of an M109 Artillery platoon, the remaining team decide to abandon their vehicle and withdraw. To the Russian tank commander it looks like the objective is now held by just a US infantry platoon.

But chatter on the Soviet comm's net indicates that US support has arrived on the left flank to counter the advancing armoured threat. Four M1 IPM1 tanks roll into view and being firing at the opposing vehicles.

Two concealed Marine HMMVs with TOW launchers fire at the distant Storm platoon mounted on hill 75.

The Soviet tanks start taking casualties from the US M1s.

On the right flank, the Soviets break cover and begin advancing towards the US positions.

Accurate fire from the Americans all but wipes out the Soviet tank platoon but given the sheer number of tanks, they manage to hold on.

The Russians attempt to cross the road in front of the US positions.