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New Site Additions - Home Spun Rules

We've added some new, non Battlefront stock, to the website this week.

I'll explain.

The aircraft Battlefront produce are great, and serve the game well. But I felt the range could be supplemented by some new and different models.

So this week we've added 1:144 scale aircraft from Revell and Trumpeter to spice up your gaming lives a bit. Be aware that these are traditional plastic injected models and will require both assembly and painting.

All models are the same scale as the Battlefront ones, so should fit into any game nicely. If you are going to use them, we've created some house spun rules which will enable you to bring some extra interest to your games.

Additional Rules

Challenger Games - WW3_TY Homespun Rules
Download PDF • 89KB

Aircraft Stats

To go alongside with the rules there is a spreadsheet of the stats for all the aircraft we are currently stocking. Hopefully we'll be able to do some unofficial cards to match, I'll keep you posted on that one.

Challenger Games - 1-144 WW3_TY Aircraft Home Spun Rules
Download XLSX • 13KB

Final notes

Unlike the Battlefront aircraft these kits don't come with any stands. My suggestion here is to find some stands you use for your existing aircraft, if they already have magnets in them then work out which way the polarity of the existing magnets goes, and stick some magnets to the underside of your new planes so that they sit securely on top of the plastic stand. This should work fine, as these planes are plastic and not resin, and are therefore a lot lighter. We are looking at some stands to supply of people are interested in using these aircraft in their games.

Let us know how you get on, and what changes/additions you might like to see to these rules.

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