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Flames of War - 2nd November 2021 - Western Europe (Late War)

Western Europe 1944. During Operation Totalize a small unit of British armour is defending a village near Bretteville-sur-Laize. The rumble of approaching Tigers fills the air with noise and the British button up.

The view of the village, British deployment and the advancing Germans. British infantry deploy into the building nearest the objective, but not near enough to contest it.

The view from the Tigers as they advance towards the town.

The Germans drop a smoke barrage to cover their advance. A firefly moves up to behind the building where the infantry are watching the advancing tanks. Suddenly a British ambush appears. The two 17pdrs shoot from the tree line.

One Tiger is knocked out and they return fire. Destroying an M10 and bailing out the other. The Germans consolidate their ranks.

British reserves arrive in the form of an artillery battery. Another Firefly moves into a concealed position behind one of the buildings, but can't get a shot at the Tigers. The other British tank platoons move north in an attempt to outflank the Germans.

Two British Armoured platoons attempt to cross through the trees that border the stream, whilst the German rearguard consolidates.

Disaster! As they move through the tree line, one Firefly bogs down. The other tanks make it onto the crest of the hill. But the single Firefly that reaches the crest fails to hit any of the Tigers. Seeing the new threat, they rotate their turrets, fire, and knock out the Firefly.

Another British tank is taken out in the town square. The British CO makes it onto the battlefield, better late than never. Meanwhile, the final armoured platoons move onto the crest of the ridge to the north of the Tigers.

One of the Tigers makes it over the stream and sits on the objective as two flammpanzers move up preparing to harass the infantry if they emerge from the building.

With accurate fire from a platoon of Stugs the penultimate Firefly is destroyed. Meanwhile, a British armoured platoon flanks one of the Tigers just outside the town. In desperation the remaining Shermans drive off the ridge towards the Tigers hoping to outflank them.

Withering fire from the British armoured platoon knocks out the Tiger that had crossed the stream. Leaving it a burning wreck. The remaining tanks respond by destroying the last Firefly. The British infantry moves out of the building and takes up positions contesting the objective. They fail to dig in. Meanwhile the Shermans have made it into the midst of the Tigers and begin shooting.

Having no chance to knock out the German heavy armour, the Shermans despatch the two flammpanzers. The infantry look through the tree line waiting for the inevitable.

A lone Sherman moves into position on the stream bed in order to support the infantry. The Tigers rain down MG fire on the infantry causing heavy casualties. Then they assault.

The Tigers destroy the remaining infantry and with nothing left to contest the objective the British CO retires to the rear with cover from a Stuart platoon.

German Win.

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